CMB Opens New Production Center In Myanmar

June 26, 2020
By: Carlo Recato

CMB Films, one of the country’s largest and most experienced production equipment providers opened its doors to Myanmar’s film industry in a well-attended launch last February 22, 2020. CMB partnered with Myanmar-based real estate and media leader, the Forever Group to build and staff a world-class, full service production equipment facility in Myanmar’s capital city of Yangon -- their first outside the Philippines. FilmPhilippines participated in the inauguration of CMB Films Myanmar, together with some of the most prominent directors and creative professionals from the Philippines, like film and advertising directors Bb. Joyce Bernal and Paul Soriano. The FPO provided government support with the presence of its Executive Director David Fabros and Technical Officer Carlo Recato who joined meetings with production companies and creatives during the event, and promoted FilmPhilippines’ incentive programs with Myanmar’s filmmakers, media company executives, distinguished government officials and guests of CMB and the Forever Group. Together with the Embassy of the Philippines in Myanmar led by Ambassador Eduardo E. Kapunan, Jr. and the executives of the Forever Group headed by CEO Winn Maw, CMB President and CEO Jim Baltazar expects positive new growth in the film and audiovisual industry of Myanmar and great collaborative possibilities between Filipino and Myanmar filmmakers.