The Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP) grants eligible international projects a 20% cash rebate on their qualified spend in the Philippines. By working with a Filipino line producer, post-production company or an animation studio, eligible foreign productions can take advantage of this considerable funding support apart from the automatic assistance that they can receive from the FilmPhilippines Office.

Foreign audiovisual content including feature films (live action, documentary or animation), short films, TV and VOD content (reality shows, series, unit), web content, music videos or virtual reality content.

A service company organized and registered as a business in the Philippines which is engaged with a foreign production company on an international production can apply for FLIP.

The Philippine production or post-production services company must be registered with the FDCP National Registry.

Any genre. Themes that are not pornographic or portraying the Philippines in a negative light.

  • A completed FLIP Application Form and supporting documents
  • At least PHP 8 Million (or approx. USD 157,000) in Qualifying Philippine Production Expenditures (QPPE)
  • The project must apply for the first time to FLIP

Project development or pre-production (location scouting, casting, pilots), production (studio, on-set shootings, artist/technician/crew fees, equipment rental, accommodations, food) and/or post-production (animation, visual effects, 3D conversion, editing, music and scoring, sound design, editing and mixing, voice-overs, color grading) expenses spent in the Philippines by the applicant producer, with receipts dated from the date of completion of the Provisional Application until the date of completion of the Final Verification

Projects will be evaluated and selected for awarding based on the following criteria:

  • Degree to which the work promotes Philippine culture and locations
  • Degree to which the work contributes to the Philippine film industry
  • The global quality of the project

Successful applicants receive a 20% cash rebate of the QPPE of up to PHP 10 Million (approx. USD 198, 000) only.

The cash rebate will be paid to the Applicant Company within 60 days after the Final Notification.

January to March, May to July, and September to November




Apply for Provisional Application
4 Months Max
Receive Provisional Notification
6 Months Max
Start your production or post-production work in the Philippines
3 Months Max
Apply for Final Verification
4 Months Max
Receive final approval and get your 20% cash rebate