Thrilla in Manila: On location with 'The Bourne Legacy

Hard-core fans of rogue CIA assassin "Jason Bourne" have already followed him through Zurich, Paris, Mykonos, Berlin, Goa, Moscow, Tangiers, Madrid, London and New York City.

But in just released "The Bourne Legacy," the fourth installment of the films based on the Robert Ludlum spy action thriller series, it’s less -- or rather, no -- Bourne (Matt Damon) and more legacy, in the form of agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner).

Cross travels through Alaska, Washington D.C. and New York, but he spends quite a bit of time in the Philippines, where the film's crew spent 45 days shooting around the streets of Manila.

Big budget films have been shot here before. What has Filipinos excited is that it's the first Hollywood film to include the Philippines in location credits on the big screen.

“The Philippines has played almost any country -- Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Panama, Cuba," says Lope “Jun” Juban, Jr., president of Philippine Film Studios, which worked on the "Legacy" shoot.

"It is only now that we are filming Manila as Manila, which is great for us.”

Source: Travel CNN | Written By Cheryl Tiu | August 2012