Please supply one electronic copy of the entire application including all attachments to with the subject field, labeled "FLIP/ICOF PROVISIONAL APPLICATION / FINAL VERIFICATION: <name of project > ".

Please group your application form and attachments into one PDF file with the name of the project in all capital letters, and compressed the file to no more than 10 MB. Do not send any missing item(s) individually or in separate emails otherwise we will consider your application incomplete.

Please ensure all paperwork requested on the checklist is supplied in English.

The official date of submission will be the date the FP Office confirms that your application is complete.

Once the application is verified complete, please send one (1) hard copy of your completed application, including all attachments to (submitted materials will not be returned):

855 Kalaw Avenue
Ermita, Manila
1000 Metro Manila

This form is for the International Co-production Fund (ICOF) only and not intended for use in applications for the Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP). Accomplishing this form automatically entitles the applicant to the One-Stop-Shop Assistance (OSSA) services.


Please note that all information provided by the applicant will be held by FilmPhilippines, the Committee and FDCP on a strictly commercial-in- confidence basis. Some information may be provided to the Philippine Government, or an external auditor in order to assess the application . These parties will be bound to treat all such information as commercial-in-confidence.

Submit your Provisional Application before, during or after the shooting of your project, as long as the project respects the incentive requirements of spending a minimum of 5, 000, 000 PHP on Qualifying Philippine Expenditures starting on your provisional date of application. Please note that upon notification of your Provisional Application, the Project will have to spend the first QPPE within 6 months.

The approval of the Provisional Application is mandatory prior to submitting the Final Verification. You must submit your Final Verification form within 3 months after the last QPPE of the Project.